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Can you believe it we have been helping the lost, sick and abused animals of Hermanus for the past 45 years. Improvements have been taking place each year but in the last 6 months we have taken a big leap forward and exciting changes have been happening.

The society was founded in 1969 by Lynne Penver and friends Majorie Wallace, Maureen Poole and Tiny Cloete. They realized even then that there was a need to provide care for neglected, lost and sick animals. Initially they cared for the animals in their own homes, paying the costs themselves.



Hermanus Animal Welfare operates on two sites. The one is the kennel complex in Steenbras Street in the industrial area, where all our animals are kept. The second is the welfare charity shop in Mitchell Street in central Hermanus.  At the kennels there are eight permanent members of staff headed by Coenie Boonzaaier, our kennel master. In addition, volunteers come in on a daily basis to care for the cats and dogs. Our work consists mainly in responding to reports of animal abuse and looking after starving, maltreated, abandoned and sick animals and rehoming them.  A dipping and anti-parasite service is also provided at the kennels for a nominal fee.



Can you believe it?  We have been helping the lost sick and abused animals of Hermanus for the past 45 years. 

I am supported by a diligent and loyal committee who share the same vision.  Speak for those who have no voice.

I wish to introduce my committee to you.

Treasurer – Alastair Lyle. Has made a great improvement in keeping records and introduction of controls regarding our financial systems.

Secretary – Ansa Verster Co-opted by committee was thrown in at the deep end and has done extremely well.

PR / Media – Judy Miller is responsible for taking photographs of animals to be placed in the local newspaper and for networking.  She also keeps the locals up to date covering activities at HAWS every Tuesday morning on the radio.  Judy also spends quality time with the dogs nurturing and walking them on a regular basis.

Deon responsible for maintenance is continuously sourcing donations of building materials as well as obtaining best prices including maintenance of vehicles.

Shop Co-ordinator.  Sylvana is responsible for the efficient running of the welfare shop situated in Mitchell Street.  Our present income is approx. R406000.00 P/A.  We are thriving to increase our turnover to cover our salary bill.  Sylvana also oversees our street collections.  Cynthia Swain and Jenny Bellingham are responsible for the collection boxes placed at various shops and supermarkets.

Educator. Elzana Koster co-opted by the committee.  A long awaited objective has been realized by filling this portfolio.  Elzana a qualified teacher has already visited schools in the area.

Bernie our Bookkeeper maintains our books and also handled the roll of Secretary while the portfolio was vacant.

To my dedicated kennel staff:

Coenie our Kennel master is a Jack of all trades and can attend to minor day to day problems at the kennels.  He is also now more involved with fieldwork and attends to court cases where people are charged with animal cruelty.

Peter our fieldworker is renowned for the efficient manner in which he performs his duties.  He is a prime example of dynamite comes in small packets.

Front office/Adoptions

Nadine and Caroline.  Both these ladies are doing a sterling job. Since Caroline has joined our team adoptions have increased. Adoptions totaled 304for the year.

Kennel hands

Razah our senior kennel hand works daily with the small dogs and puppies and as senior kennel hand he oversees all the dogs and cats. He also accompanies Elzana our Educator on visits to schools to deliver talks to the children. 

Welldone known as Sam is responsible for the cattery and Chester for the larger dogs.                                   I thank them for their loyalty and efforts when caring for the animals.

Our cleaning lady is Progress who is responsible for clean bedding for our animals.  Not an easy task with all the rain we had.  She also assists Sandra at our charity shop when needed. 


1 year has passed and the clinic is going from strength to strength. 2984 animals were treated over the past 12 months and 728 sterilization were performed.


Mark Robey and Sherry van Dalsen assist in the Clinic on a roster basis.


Responsible to ensure that clients qualify for welfare rates. Follow up on outstanding accounts and attend to clients needs.


We have Christa and Wildre who are full time in the clinic assisting our vets and doing a sterling job.

Clinic hands

Clement and Shepherd

Their devotion in caring for the sick animals’ wellbeing is unmatched.

Shop Manager

Sandra has build up a regular customer base who support us.  She goes the extra mile to sell an item and I am convinced she can sell ice to an Eskimo.

Regular visits to the townships will be ongoing.  The K9 unit as well as Law Enforcement accompany us during these visits. This is all done on a voluntary basis.


Apart from dealing with dogs and cats we also get the occasional request to deal with cattle, pigs, horses etc.

Open day at the Kennels

This day was initiated by the cat volunteers.  The public were given the opportunity to view the premises and see first hand how we operate. The kids were entertained with face painting, coloring in, cake and drinks were served.  We had a special rate on adoptions for the day. 5 animals were adopted.


Educational outings will be performed at schools on a regular basis, where the children will be taught the basics of animal care.


Roof sheets

The majority of which were sponsored were erected over the larger dogs kennels.  This should keep them dry during rainy days.  Purlins to support the roof sheets were also sponsored.

Private vets assisting Haws

Bergveiw Veterinary Clinic perform operations involving bone fractures for Welfare clients.

Hermanus Animal Hospital

I would like to thank Sandy and her clients for donating towards Sandy’s Spayathon funds.  This enables us to provide this service to underprivileged owners at no charge. 

K9 and Law Enforcement

As most of you are aware the K9 unit is housed on our property. 

I wish to thank Law Enforcement and the K9 Officers for their valued support when called upon to investigate cases of cruelty.


A special thank you to all our loyal volunteers.  We cannot exist without you!  I sincerely hope that we can rely on your continued support for many years to come.

Sponsors / donations

We would like to thank all companies and individuals who support us on a regular basis.  This is greatly appreciated.  

Naomi our local dog whisperer has implemented a training program for staff as well as volunteers.  Razah and Caroline has successfully completed the program and they are now skilled to implement the required procedures at HAWS.

HAWS Flood

The unfortunate flood we experienced has sparked a lot of interest from businesses as well as individuals.  We were inundated with support in the form of implements as well as food, bedding etc.

Hermanus Times

I wish to take this opportunity to officially thank the Hermanus Times who religiously sponsor every second advert in colour and at no charge.  This is much appreciated.

I wish to report that Johan Nel from OPN our auditors has sold the firm to Boshoff Visser who will continued to be our auditors for the next financial year.  I thank Johan for past services rendered and wish to express our sincere condolences with the passing of his wife.


Before I conclude I wish to thank my committee for all your dedication and many hours sacrificed for this very special cause.  Bless you all!

I thank you

Ilze Smith


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